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Dinah Lance is the alter-ego of the superheroine Black Canary. Dinah was a conservative talk show host who worked at the Daily Planet , before joining Oliver Queen's hero team.

Physical AppearanceEdit

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As Dinah Lance, she use to wear a dark wig as part of her civilian disguise.

Recently, Dinah has allowed for her blonde hair to grow out and no longer wears her brown wig when out of her Black Canary costume.

She often wears black and yellow clothing.

As the Black Canary, Dinah has blonde hair and a slender build. Her costume is composed of a black leather bodice, leather jacket, wears fishnet stockings, and leather boots. Rather than wearing a mask to cover her face, Dinah wears black and yellow make-up that somewhat resembles feathers.


  • Sonic scream: Black Canary has a subsonic scream which generates a powerful sound wave, which can disintegrate arrows, shatter glass and knock people unconscious. When she uses her subsonic scream the sound around her becomes muffled in order to project her "Canary Cry". Her scream caused Clark Kent's ears to bleed; it's possible he was especially vulnerable due to his super hearing. According to Toyman's files, her Canary Cry is strong enough to shatter metal.
  • Super dexterity: Black Canary is quite agile and mobile in her movements, as she has shown to be able to do flips and jumps easily.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Dinah is a very talented hand-to-hand combatant and fighter, who is able to overpower most, though not all, opponents, in fights. Where she learned her skills remains vague.
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