Physical AppearanceEditEdit

Courtney WhitmoreCourtney is an attractive, young teenage girl. She has long blond hair, blue eyes and a slim build. [1]StargirlAdded by Kal-ELWhile in civilian clothes, she is usually seen wearing white, red, or blue; a combination of her costume's primary colors.

In the guise of Stargirl, she wears a fabric costume very similar to her mentor, The Star Spangled Kid's costume. Her costume is navy blue, adorned with stars on the chest and sleeves, with red gloves, and a red belt (Whether this belt has the same abilities as in the comics, is unknown). To hide her identity, Stargirl wears a plastic,blue mask that covers the top part of her face.

She also carries with her the Cosmic Staff.

Powers and AbilitiesEditEdit

She has no powers herself but the Cosmic Staff allows the following: [2]Stargirl using the staffAdded by SuperBlahBlah:*Teleportation - Courtney used the staff to teleport herself, Carter Hall and Oliver to the Watchtower. (Icarus)

Courtney is also very capable of handling herself in combat. She was able to swiftly dodge and land hits when she battled Icicle as well as do many acrobatic flips and maneuvers. (Absolute Justice, Part 1)

Courtney Whitmore is the teenaged protege of the The Star Spangled Kid who became a super-hero member of the Justice Society of America known as Stargirl.

She is now currently a member of Clark's league of heroes.&nbsp